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Thermal Insulation Analysis & Optimization:

ASL has in-depth experience in the analysis and testing of high performance thermal insulation materials such as space shuttle tile TPS, fiber-reinforced aerogels, fiber batt insulation, woven fabrics, etc. ASL (Dr. Siu-Chun Lee, President) has developed theoretical models that can accurately predict the thermal radiative properties and heat transfer characteristics of thermal insulations that are fabricated of fibers, aerogel, and particulates. The theoretical models are based on a rigorous consideration of electromagnetic scattering and radiative transfer theory.  These models have been validated with published test data. Dr. Lee has published and presented more than 40 papers in archival journals and conferences on the theory, analysis, and testing of thermal insulations.

Overview of ASL Radiation Models on Fiber / Particulate Media:

  • ASL radiation models accurately predict heat transfer through fiber and particulate materials.

  • Models have been validated by experimental data on various fiber materials, such as shuttle TPS, fiber insulation, fiber-filled aerogels, etc.

  • ASL models can predict the influence of material composition on the thermal performance. The material composition can then be tailored to achieve the desired thermal performance .

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