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Thermal Analysis Overview:  

ASL's award-winning staff of thermal control experts possess a vast array of skills that include conceptual design, modeling, analysis, and testing of space systems and components.  Using advanced design and analysis tools, our award-winning staff is capable of tackling a wide range of thermal control challenges for both government and commercial sectors.



Thermal-geometric model

  • Multi-dimensional transient thermal analysis of complex space systems

  • Thermal radiation transport analysis

  • Conduction and convection heat transport analysis

Space Systems Experience:


  • Conceptual design of thermal control subsystems

  • Thermal modeling and analysis of space systems and components
  • PC board thermal analysis
  • Thermal testing of space systems and components
  • Flight operation and mission support


Thermal Analysis Tools:


  • Thermal Synthesizer System (TSS)

  • SINDA and SINDA-3D Thermal Analyzer

  • Thermal Desktop

  • Thermal Radiation Analysis System (TRASYS)



For More Information: email info@appliedscienceslab.com, or telephone (626) 960-8800