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Certificate of Exceptional Achievement

Presented to ASL on January 14, 2005 for the successful design, test, and mission operation of the Thermal Subsystem for NASA's Mars Exploration Rover 2003 Project. ASL supported supported the IDD, LEM, Rover battery, and external Rover appendage designs; monitored system thermal test, and performed mini-TES calibration target analytical model calibration during mission operations.

JPL Outstanding Teamwork Award

ASL has been presented the outstanding teamwork award from the Goddard Space Flight Center for its work in the EOS (Earth Observing System).

NASA Goldin-Stokes Award

ASL has been presented the NASA Goldin-Stokes Award in recognition of outstanding technology achievement for the collaboration between the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Applied Sciences Laboratory since 2000.

2002 Goldin-Stokes Award

JPL Commendation

In May, 2002, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory commended ASL for its outstanding performance and support of thermal systems design, test and validation for JPL flight projects during the past 5 years.

JPL Commendation, May, 2002

ASL is George M. Low Award Finalist

This prestigious award is granted to contractors that demonstrate an exceptional level of quality, safety, customer satisfaction, and technical performance in NASA contracts.  Nominated by NASA Center and Strategic Enterprise managers, ASL was named as a finalist during the NASA Annual Continual Improvement and Reinvention Conference.

NASA Exceptional Public Service Award

For exceptional leadership of Applied Sciences Laboratory resulting in efficient and high quality thermal analysis of JPL instruments and missions.