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Applied Sciences Laboratory, Inc. (ASL) is an engineering consulting company that specializes in thermal design, analysis, and testing.  ASL's technical staff consists of experienced thermal engineers that have substantial background in thermal sciences and engineering, as well as demonstrated expertise in spacecraft thermal design.  ASL has provided technical support to customers in the industry such 1991, and in particular, the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory since 1996.      

ASL utilizes state-of-the-art thermal and computer-aided engineering tools for thermal modeling and analysis.  ASL staff maintains proficiency in all of the thermal software commonly used in the aerospace industry, such as SINDA, SINDA-3D, TAS, TSS, Thermal Desktop, and IDEAS TMG.

ASL maintains a thermal vacuum test facility that consists of a 25" diameter stainless steel chamber with temperature controlled baseplate and shrouds.  ASL has performed thermal development tests on spacecraft components, as well as thermal conductivity measurement of advanced insulation materials from room temperature to over 1000K.     

Honors and Awards:

ASL's technical excellence and high quality of performance have been recognized by NASA and JPL.  ASL received the NASA George M. Low Finalist Award, the NASA Goldin-Stokes Award, and a JPL Commendation for outstanding continuing technical performance.  ASL staff members are the recipients of many NASA Group Achievement Awards in recognition of outstanding performance on many flight projects. 

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